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National Regional Property Group

National Regional Property Group is a Portsmouth based developer, which specialises in sustainable and high-quality residential schemes.

Based on The Hard, the team have decades of experience working on complex and challenging sites, such as Palmerston Road. They are passionate about making sure this site, which is key to the redevelopment of the centre of Southsea, is developed in the best possible way.

To find out more about National Regional Property Group, visit their website here.

An experienced team of consultants has been brought together to work on the scheme to ensure that the site is redeveloped in a way which is sensitive to the nature of Southsea.


HGP Architects has a reputation built on nearly five decades of inspired building design across diverse sectors, including high-quality residential schemes.

Established in 1968 on the South Coast, the success of their earliest projects in banking and office development led to rapid diversification into Marinas, Residential and other sectors.

The work of the HGP team has attracted industry recognition in recent years with awards that include The Times Conservation Award and RICS Project of the Year Award.

The iconic Spinnaker Tower, designed by HGP, is rated among the nation's top five buildings people are most proud of. Visit their website here.